How Will You Profit From the Help of a Seller’s Agent?

How Will You Profit From the Help of a Seller’s Agent?

Sell your home with a real estate agent in Cary, NC

If you are considering selling your home or are already in the process, you know how stressful it can be. However, selling your home can be both straightforward and profitable with the help of an experienced real estate agent.

Shanda Heller of RE/MAX United in Cary, NC will facilitate the selling of your home and make the endeavor both straightforward and rewarding. By partnering with Shanda on selling your home, you will be able to:

Make use of effective pricing strategies. Many sellers think that setting the original asking price high and lowering it later is the best way to start. This, however, will likely result in multiple price reductions, which may turn potential buyers away or leave them waiting for another reduction. An experienced real estate agent will advise you on the most practical asking price for your home.

Market your home to many potential buyers. One of the biggest challenges of selling your home is marketing it to potential buyers. A simple “For Sale By Owner” sign in the front yard will likely not yield good results. You need an agent who will properly market your home and actively introduce it to dozens of potential buyers. Having many potential buyers means you have more selling power.

Discover changes and repairs that will increase home value. In order to appeal to as many buyers as possible and present the greatest value, your home and landscape need to be in prime shape. A real estate agent with years of experience selling homes will identify areas of your home that need to be remedied to make it more appealing, inside and out.

Enter negotiations and finalize closing with confidence. Real estate transactions are a process, one that includes a lot of paperwork and frequent negotiations. Shanda will guide you through all the paperwork, ensure everything is complete and valid and negotiate on your behalf when necessary.

Get the most out of your home selling experience by calling Shanda Heller of RE/MAX United today.

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